6K LEGIIT is a Business model, Investor and an Entrepreneur.ย 


| Birth dateย  ย  = 2005 03 27ย 

| Birth place ย  = Nigeria

| Occupationย  ย  = General 6K LEGIIT TECHNOLOGIES

| Years activeย  = 2019 - Present

| Known for ย  ย  = 6K LEGIIT TECHNOLOGIES

| Notable works =ย  Currently the CEO of 6K LEGIIT TECHNOLOGIES, An international trade and public development company with sub-branches; LEGIIT EXCHANGE, LEGIIT UPDATES and LEGIIT NETWORK.

==Early life

6K Started with his first company 6KTV, which was WhatsApp entertainment channel more of a valuetaining channel early 2020 when the lockdown came up as a means of not been bored to death was how 6KTV was born. His FIRST business made money from WhatsApp ads due to the audience 6K had at his fingertips he used that to promote other people businesses for a fee. Still on the TV he ventured into different online sales and affiliate program he could promote and make money from referrals it all went well early 2021. Until someone asked him if he sells cryptocurrency.ย 

That was how he got the idea for LEGIIT EXCHANGE and changed the whole game from a WhatsApp value ads TV to an online trader to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrency on WhatsApp chats.ย 

In 2022 LEGIIT EXCHANGE has revolutionized into an international trade exchange For the BUYS of digital assets, the EXCHANGE of different Countries Currencies, the SELL Of Digital Currencies And the TRADE Of Digital Assets.

==Other work

As an entrepreneur, 6K seems to be enjoying a solitary life as he does not share anything about his personal life publicly. He is currently busy making his career marvelous.

6K is a business model and author who has written books on growth and personal development, and so many others on the LEGIIT NETWORK academy.


6K studied in different Schools and later downed to a university preparatory secondary school. Where he got the name 6K from peers.


As seen on Dailygistonline. Top cryptocurrency traders. Retrieved 3 February, 2022.

==Quick Tips About 6K

Citizenship: Nigeria, United kingdom.

Parentsย  : Iyare Agbonze

Otaniyuwa Agbonze

Relatives : Osawese Agbonze(sister)

Osarugue Agbonze(sister)


Gender : Male

==Top 6 About 6K LEGIIT

-He started his influence through WhatsApp. Was banned from WhatsApp many times.

-A Male; with height:6.3F and weight:85KG

-Fell for a lot of Ponzi scheme businesses in his early career days.

==External Links




https://www.twitter.com/6klegiit }



As businesses evolve in the 20th century of the 21st year and beyond. It's better for us all to know that TECHNOLOGY is the future. It could still be a curse but that's for another time. The time of oil money, oil well has come, stayed and still staying. The easiest way to get rich now is to THINK. when you think you have an IDEA. The idea should be your problem, a problem you face, If you are opportune to solve the P and find out others have your same type of P, You sell your solution. Only the selfish one's will progress.

Just THINK. See you at the top!ย 


" You don't Just sell to people at a pick-up, you enlighten people at a pick-up. It's your way of 'wowing' your that matters. it could be funny, enlightened, sad or #revolutionary. "

We are filled and fed with #propaganda. Honestly, if you want to be known and have people raving for you, you need propaganda. Connect from an emotional standpoint leave the rational side. The first rule to avoid being mentally ill is avoiding #CNN - Constant Negative News. You know what happens when you take lots of negativity? The reptilia brain defunct, the more they will control you. Everything arouse our emotions be very careful what you pay attention to. It will break you or break you more. We fight not against PHYSICAL POWERS but against PSYCHOLOGY WARFARE.ย