How Can I Save Money?💰

FINANCIAL TIPS To Saving More Money And Avoiding DEBTS. You make a lot of money but at the end of the month you worry where the money goes?

     You need this Tips.


   Automating your saving strategy enables you to build a strong portfolio for emergency funds-(Circumstances that are unseen, that come suddenly and needs your money to settle it.) and to set aside money for other goals like retirement.


   Document your MONEY IN and MONEY OUT. Be sure to keep track of your expenses in a sheet (Google sheets recommended) so that you are able to update frequently.


   The best way to avoid overspending is to make sure you plan every dollar you earn. Every Dollar, every Naira, every Pound, every Euro, every Yen has a purpose.


The most overlooked but yet the most important. We can't foresee the future who knows what will happen that will require you to spend money?

 Keep money aside for emergencies. Anything can happen, Be Ready.


   Many people don't know the benefits of investing. INVESTING is simply making your money work for you. That is how one gets to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. When the ROI-(Return On Investment) on your investments can pay your bills you have reached FINANCIAL FREEDOM. You can invest in stocks, crypto, government bonds, mutual funds, real estate, staking, and in businesses. They are yield good percentage.

5 Ways To Grow Your Money Better and Build WEALTH. 

YOU GET PAID WELL, have a good source of income but still want to live better? 

     You need this Tips.


You need to put your money where it will grow, it's called 'putting your money to work'. The higher the rates of return, the more money you will earn.


If your money is earning a higher rate of return than a savings account, you will be earning more money both over a long term within a faster period.


Developing the mindset to leave your job to starting a business without major understanding of the niche may not be the best decision. Though, setting up successful entities can provide a strong return on your Investments.


Always talked about. Save for your old age, you aren't going to work forever.

5 Ways You Can Cash Out From Your  INVESTMENT.

Investments could be scary or could be that moment of arose for you, depending on your experience with it.

   As the name implies 'INVESTMENT'. It involves putting SOMETHING IN to get SOMETHING OUT.  They are lot of Investments out there but the ones that are root on ground are; INVESTING in stocks/share/equity, INVESTING in bonds, INVESTING in mutual funds, INVESTING in crypto, INVESTING in houses and INVESTING in businesses.

Why should I invest? You need this Tips.


Who doesn't like benefits? Well we do. As an investor in a particular sector it can be a company. You are eligible to get different benefits, from discount to free goods or services, even dividends.


This can be in form of cash, stock or property that a company gives out for free.


Return On Investment. It also a rise in value of an asset based on the rise of the market price.

  Imagine, you brought a house for $169,000 and 5 years later you sold it for $729,000. Your R.O.I. is $560,000 in 5 years. Good cash!


It's relatively easy to find buyers or sellers in the market. If you want to sell a stock you can sell it almost immediately and get your cash. 


One has the ability to diversify they portfolio to buy into different stock at a time instead of buying stocks one by one. You can buy them in group, just like the S&P 500 which consist of the 500 biggest companies in the United States or 6KLT which consist of new technology and financial startups companies globally{ coming soon }.

5 Ways To Raise Capital For That Your BUSINESS IDEA.

What to raise a STARTUP CAPITAL for that business you got in mind?

      You need this Tips.


   If the business idea is worth it, Tap into your savings in cash or bonds. Sell some valuables. Downsize into a smaller living.


   Not all loans or borrowed money are bad. Banks, government agencies, online lenders and credit card companies are all out there Offering term loans and much more. Just pick the right system with a low interest rate.


   The most common of them all are investor. TV shows like Shank Tank, Dragon's Den and Lion's Den are all investors coming together to partake in a business idea that suits them. Yours might. Some may be willing to structure their financing as debts as opposed to equity.


   Just like they say; when something bad happens the first person to run to is always a family member or a friend. That should be a go-to still for that business idea. Family and friends might be willing to risk some of they asset. Good one's though.


   Not fairly common because those that what to start they own business probably don't have a job, but if they do they wage will be a good financing for that business idea.

5 Ways To Make Big Money Out Of Your SMALL MONEY.

 Ever encountered that your money always disappears?

Well, It's because of a bad spending habits that (BUY-BUY ATTITUDE). How will you overcome that habit?

       You need this Tips.


   It's a simple saying that states "if you can't buy it a dozen times don't buy it". Save the money and avoid unnecessary expenses. 


   Suddenly, this habit will add up to a substantial sum. As always, take your money seriously! Though the Wealth one ever keeps is the Wealth given away.


   If buying launch at work or school cost $7 but bringing lunch from home cost $2 then over the course of the year you would have saved up $1250. This can now be used for emergency funds, saved for retirement or be invested.


   You smoke a pack and a half a day, that amounts to nearly $3,000 a year. You can realize how that amount will fit in your SAVINGS.


   Not still convinced? Add up how much you pay monthly servicing your DEBTS and you will quickly see. 


— GOLD comes to people who always #save a tenth, twenty or thirtieth of their earnings to secure his or her own and family future.

— GOLD is very eager to work for you when it is invested in your right opportunities.

— GOLD clings to it's owners who carefully takes the advice of #wise men in handling money.

— GOLD slips away from a person who Invest it in #business or purpose which he is not familiar with or not even approved by the people who are skilled in #investment.

— GOLD flies far away from a person who trusts investments that promise impossible Great earnings or who believes in the advice of tricksters and schemers.


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