LEGIIT EXCHANGE is An International Trade Exchangeย  and Cross Border Payment System that sells laziness through the BUYS of digital assets, the EXCHANGE of different Countries Currencies, the SELL Of Digital Currencies And the TRADE Of Digital Assets Via a CHAT.ย  A Sub-branch of 6K LEGIIT TECHNOLOGIES.ย 

How do I trade on LEGIIT EXCHANGE?ย 

Click the 'Trade' button on home page ( or use the navigation menu bar to find "TRADE SWIFT". Then, start a conservation with a LEGIIT EXCHANGE SUPERIOR to conclude your trade.


NO, We involve in other digital currencies. Start a conservation with a LEGIIT EXCHANGE and ask for your preferred cryptocurrency to buy.ย 

Can I buy other cryptocurrencies on LEGIIT EXCHANGE?ย 

YES, You can.ย 

Do I pay for network fee when I Trade?ย 

Not for all coins transacted some coins are certain and network fee will be taken care by you. We have the list of cryptocurrencies we trade and they network fee charges. Chat with a LEGIIT EXCHANGE SUPERIOR to send them in.ย 

Is it possible to swap other coins with LEGIIT EXCHANGE?ย 

YES you can. Chat with a LEGIIT EXCHANGE SUPERIOR for further assistance.ย 

Can I buy Ghana cedis from LEGIIT EXCHANGE and send to a Ghana bank as a Nigerian?ย 

Yes you can. Our cross border payment system is widely open to 7+ African countries; Central Africa, West Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania & Rwanda. More coming!ย 

Does LEGIIT EXCHANGE allow cross border payment with different Currencies?ย 

Yes of course, we can accept your means of payment from you and then send in any of the currencies we operate in required by you.

How do I check for rate when I want to buy cryptocurrency or do a cross border payment with LEGIIT EXCHANGE?ย 

You start a chat with a LEGIIT EXCHANGE SUPERIOR and ask for rate of your preferred currency for cross border payment or for a cryptocurrency Transaction.ย 

Does LEGIIT EXCHANGE allow the trade of giftcards?ย 

YES we redeem GIFTCARDS, and pay in your preferred currency.ย 

What's the minimum response time on LEGIIT EXCHANGE chatbox?ย 

Response time is less than 6 SECONDS.ย 

Can I trust your market trends and market capitalization for analysis?ย 

If you can trust Coinmarketcap, TradingView you can trust us.ย 

Is my registration details protected?ย 

YES. Only we have access to it and you can request us to delete it. It is your privacy.ย 

Will I receive promotion, transaction and update messages to my emails?ย 

You will receive updates on LEGIIT EXCHANGE and much more that you subscribed for.ย 

Do I have to do KYC on LEGIIT EXCHANGE?ย 

NO Know your customers. NO ID verification, NO proof of residence, NO age limit. Use anytime and anywhere it suits you.ย 

Is LEGIIT EXCHANGE a bank? An online bank?ย 

We are more than a bank revolutionizing the finance system and cross border system with the click of a button.ย 

How is LEGIIT EXCHANGE revolutionizing finance with Technology?ย 

If few words, Global Payment via a chat.

ย Is LEGIIT EXCHANGE schooled quotes financial advice?ย 

From any advice you get anywhere it's advisable you connect with your financial advisor for depth on the issue. Schooled Quotes is just our point of view and it has helped Alot.ย 

How long does it take to response via the LEGIIT EXCHANGE email?ย 

Minimum response time is 30mins.ย 

Can I send to someone using the LEGIIT EXCHANGE trades wallet? ย 

LEGIIT EXCHANGE does not store any of your currencies be it cryptocurrency or a national Currency we aid you by trading, selling, buying and exchanging your currencies.ย 


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